about beebag

Welcome to the World of Smart Reusable Bags, where bags are More Than Just A Bag. Plastic Pollution has been Stinging humanity for the past few decades and if this continues, we’ll all be having some organic and vegan-friendly plastics for dinner soon, Yumm! …. not quite 🙁

There are tons of innovative solutions out there, but they are expensive and limited. We believe that The Solution has always been with us, our own reusable bags. It’s cheap and it’s everywhere! With beebag, we give Life to your bag, we make it fun and rewarding to use it.

Shop Green! With beebag.


To end plastic pollution through the gamification of reusable bags. We support shoppers and vendors who care deeply about the environment to build an eco-loving community that will create a better future. beebag™ also seeks to grow the community through positive reinforcement via our proprietary technology, beetag, and beebag app.


Every small action adds up to something big 😀 It’s never too late to do good, let’s save the world one bag at a time!