the beebag Story

Joshua and Joel Lim, founders of Beebag

Beebag was founded by twin brothers, Joshua and Joel (right & left) during their last year in University. Through an assignment, they realized that despite decades of efforts in solving plastic pollution, the problem keeps on growing and it’s threatening everyone’s future livelihoods.

Combining their passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship, they founded Beebag to combat plastic pollution by incentivizing shoppers to reuse more often through gamification and technology. At Beebag, we strongly believe in using positivity to drive our society one step closer to a sustainable future.

Joshua and Joel Lim, founders of Beebag


Beebag helps shoppers instill sustainable shopping habits through the use of gamification and modern technology. To achieve this, we’ve created a Sustainability Rewarding Application and the technology to transform ordinary bags into Smart Bags that rewards shoppers for their sustainable actions.


Our mission is to make sustainable shopping rewarding and fun for everyone so that caring for mother nature becomes our second nature.