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About Us 🐝

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Beebag was founded with the mission to combat single-use plastic consumption by incentivizing shoppers to reuse more often through positive reinforcement and gamification ✨.

To achieve this, we’ve created smart reusables that are powered by NFC & QR technology to help shoppers turn their sustainable actions into rewards 💸.

From Beebag to Buzz ⚡️

Beebag is now Buzz

In 2022, we launched Beebag with a mission to inspire the world to reuse 🌏. Over the years, we’ve built the most fun way for shoppers to turn their sustainable actions into rewards while partnering with awesome organizations to combat plastic pollution together 🌱.

But as we grew, so did our ambition. In our pursuit to provide more value to shoppers and businesses, we’ve expanded our solution to address problems beyond sustainability in the current retail landscape 🛒.

Moving forward, Beebag will continue to operate as a consumer brand selling fashionable smart reusables to shoppers while all B2B partnerships will be managed under BuzzLoop.

Beebag is now Buzz

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Our Contribution To The SDGs

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