About Us 🐝

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Beebag is a free rewards app that helps you earn rewards on everyday purchases. Whether you’re buying groceries, clothing, electronics, or food and beverages, Beebag rewards you for your purchases.

And with plastic pollution becoming a global threat, we’re also on a mission to reduce single-use plastic consumption by incentivizing shoppers to reuse more often with our smart reusables technology.

Our Why 💛

Retail is a cornerstone of our daily lives, providing us with the essentials that sustain us each day. However, despite businesses’ intentions to provide a better experience and reward loyalty, the current landscape often fall short of its potential to truly cater to shoppers’ needs.

Moreover, we believe businesses have a unique opportunity and responsibility to address pressing social and environmental challenges. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to a mission that goes beyond profit and to help build a better future for our next generation.

We’re not just a shopping rewards app; we’re the bridge between brands, retailers, and the empowered shopper. We infuse every transaction with the joy of cashback, forging a path towards sustainable shopping habits, and transforming retail into an enjoyable journey.

Our Contribution To The SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals