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common FAQs About The beebag App

The beebag app is the heart to all beebag’s services. With the beebag app, you can:

  • Track your impact on the amount of carbon emission and plastics you have reduced.
  • Collect and track how many beepoints you have in your account.
  • Exchange your collected beepoints with exclusive vouchers or eco-friendly products.
  • Shop for certified eco-friendly products that will be delivered to your doorstep plastic-free.
  • Participate in fun and exciting games like lucky draws, green leaderboard, and treasure hunting.
  • Keep up to date on all sustainable related news.
  • Donate to certified climate change related non-profit organizations or platforms.

Rest assured, the beebag app is entirely free! And no credit card details are needed for registration. In order to make a significant impact to the environment, we have made the beebag app absolutely free so that it wouldn’t be a liability to heroes like you. Just head to the App Store if you’re an Apple user or the Play Store if you’re an Android user and download the beebag app to start earning points and join fun games whenever you reduce plastic bag.

You can use the beebag app without getting a beetag, but for the best user experience, getting a beetag allows you to earn extra beepoints and  participate in exciting and fun games like lucky draws and treasure hunt.

There are absolutely no hidden fees, we promise! The beebag app is 100% free to use and download.

common FAQs About beetags

The beetag is a specially encoded NFC chip that users can attach to their reusable bags to earn beepoints and participate in exciting games. Every beetag has a unique identity and a 3-step pairing process is required to link the beetag to a user’s account. This is done so that the beepoint rewarding process will be seamless for both the users and merchant.

You can get a beetag at your nearest selected beebag partnered merchants. Selected merchants will have a unique icon in the map view indicating that they are selling beetags at their stores. Alternatively, you can purchase a beetag directly from us through the beebag app.

To start earning beepoints with your beetag, you have to first activate your beetag by pairing it with your account. After the pairing is done, attach your beetag to your favorite reusable bag and start earning points whenever your beetag is scanned by our partnered merchants. 

Pairing your beetag with your beebag account is as super easy! Click here to see how you can easily pair your beetag with your account.

Yes. As the purpose of creating the beetag is to motivate users to use their reusable bags whenever they shop. Therefore, our partnered merchants will only scan your beetag if it is properly attached to a reusable bag that meets the minimum requirement of 40cm*30cm.

Yes. Beetags are 100% waterproof and the it will not be damaged even if it gets submerged under water completely. However, we do not recommend exposing or submerging your beetag under water as the spring mechanism inside the pin might get damaged and deteriorate. 

To properly detach the pin, hold the large flat disc (located on the top of the locking pin back) firmly whilst pulling away from the pin. This releases the internal locking system and free you to move your pin wherever you wish. If the pin is not detaching properly, kindly contact us and we will be happy to help! 

common FAQs About beepoints

Beepoints is a point system used only within the beebag platform and users can earn them by completing necessary tasks such as reusing your bag or refusing a plastic bag at our partnered merchants. When users collect enough beepoints, users can exchange them for vouchers and special prizes on the platform. Beepoints have no underlying monetary value tied to it. Therefore, beepoints cannot be exchanged for cash or something equivalent.

You can earn beepoints mainly by completing the following tasks at our partnered merchants:

  • Reuse your reusable bags
  • Refuse a plastic bag
  • Reuse your own containers

However, you can also earn beepoints from special events from time to time.

Absolutely! We want to make it rewarding whenever and however you reduce plastic pollution. You can earn beepoints when you refuse a plastic bag or when you reuse a container at our partnered merchants. Just show them the QR code located at the homepage and voila! beepoints will be allocated to your account.

If your Questions are Still not answered, leave us a message down below and we will be glad to help out!